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FAQ on Viewing and Online Payment of Water Bills

Consumers can register at www.bwssb.org to view and make their water bill payment online. Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to make online payment at www.bwssb.org?

To use the online payment facility, you have to register and login at www.bwssb.org. On login, click on “View & Pay Bills” to make the payment. Confirm the RR Number and click on “Proceed”. Select the “Bill Details” tab to know the outstanding amount. Accept the Terms and Conditions for making online payment. Click on “Pay Now”. This will take you to the payment gateways. Select any one of the available payment gateway (AXIS/ICICI/IDBI Bank) to make the payment.


2. What type of payment options is available?

Consumers can make their water bill payments through the payment gateways AXIS/ICICI/IDBI Bank using any credit or debit card which is Visa/ Master/ Maestro Card issued by any private or nationalized bank.


3. To make online payment AXIS/ICICI/IDBI Bank is available, but I do not have account in any of these banks. How do I make the payment?

The AXIS/ICICI/IDBI Bank is a payment gateway and will accept any credit or debit card which is Visa/ Master/ Maestro Card issued by any bank. Kindly proceed and make the payment if your debit or credit card is Visa/ Master/ Maestro card.


4. I want to make a part payment. How can I make the payment?

Payments can be made only against the total bill amount. This has been implemented to avoid any discrepancies and help consumers to make the payment for the correct amount.


5. I want to use Net banking. How can I use this facility to make the payment?

Acceptance of payment through net banking is not enabled. We will enable the same shortly.


6. How to take the print of the water bill?

Login and click on “View & Pay Bills”. Confirm the RR Number and click on “Proceed”. Select the Bill Details tab, where you can view and also print/ save your bill for the current month and also for the last six months.


7. I want to view the Bill/Consumption/Collection data for the last six months.

Login and click on “View & Pay Bills”. Confirm the RR Number and click on “Proceed”. Select the “Bill Details” tab, to view and also print/ save your bill for the current month and also for the last six months. Select the “Consumption Details” tab to view your consumption pattern in the last six months and the current month. Select the “Collection Details” tab to view the current and last six months payment details.


8. I want to view/print the receipt for the online payment I have made.

Login and click on “View & Pay Bills”. On this page you will find a link “View Your E-Payment Details”. Click on this link to view/print your e-payment (online payment).



General FAQs

The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) is committed to providing drinking water of unquestionable quality in sufficient quantity and to treat the waste generated to the required parameters. As the leader in providing water and sanitation services, BWSSB is recognized as an effective instrument of change through adopting state-of-the-art technologies for improving the quality of its services to its customers.


1. Water is a natural resource and freely available, so why should I pay to use it?

Water is a gift from nature. However, most of the lakes in Bangalore have dried up. The ground water level is fast depleting and population is rapidly increasing. As a result, the demand for piped water supply today has increased. Therefore, BWSSB has gone as far as 100 km to get water from River Cauvery. Moreover, Bangalore is situated at a height of 3000 feet above the sea level hence water has to be pumped. This is involves lot of expenditures.

BWSSB incurs as much as Rs.16 on treatment, conveyance and distribution of one kilolitre of water. However, the domestic consumer is paying from Rs. 6.00 to Rs.15.00 for consumption of up to 50,000 litres of water in various slabs. The non-domestic consumers such as hotels and industries are paying 4 times more for the same quantity of water. It is because of this cross subsidy, that BWSSB is able to supply water to households at relatively lesser cost.


2. How do I apply for a new water and underground drainage connection to my house?

- Prescribed forms for Water Supply and Under Ground Drainage are available for Rs.100/- each at service stations, Divisional -Executive Engineer and Sub Divisional Assistant Executive Engineer’s office covering your area.

- Prescribed fees vary depending on the size of the plot and height of the building. It includes inspection charges, separate prorata charges for water supply and UGD.

- Documents to be enclosed: road cutting endorsement from BBMP or local body, tax paid receipt, copy of the sanctioned plan issued by BMP/BDA/Gram Panchayat/ or CMC and in some cases even occupancy certificate must be enclosed.

- Application along with other documents can be submitted either directly or through a licensed plumber at the office of the Assistant Executive Engineer, in the concerned sub-division.

- Time limit for delivery of service varies from 7 days to 15 days depending on the size of the plot and the number of floors.


3. How do I apply for:

     a. Conversion of non-domestic to domestic connection.

     - You can give the application on a plain paper with the documents to prove that construction is completed.

     - Application to be given to the concerned sub divisional office.

     - Time limit for delivery of service: 7 days after receipt of road cutting endorsement.


     b. Khatha transfer or change of name

     - Documents to be enclosed: Khatha certificate and Tax paid certificate from BMP/BDA/Gram Panchayat/ or CMC, latest water supply bills and receipts, copy of sale deed.

     - Application to be given personally to the concerned sub divisional office.

     - Time limit for delivery of service: 7 days from the date of application.


4. Where can I pay my water bills?

 - Payments either in cash, DD or cheque can be paid at any BWSSB Kiosk 24 hours on all 7 days of the week.

 - Bill can be paid availing Electronic Clearance System facility.

 - Bangalore One Centers.

 - Online Payment can be made at www.bwssb.org.


5. Which office of BWSSB should I Contact for our day-to-day needs and problems?

It is the sub-divisional office in your zone that is concerned with your day-to-day needs and problems pertaining to water supply and sewerage. For the administrative convenience of BWSSB, Bangalore is divided into nine Division(zones)- Central, North, East, NorthEast, SouthEast, South, West, SouthWest, NorthWest. Each Divisional Office is headed by an Executive Engineer. Each division is further divided into Sub-Divisions (SD). Each Sub-Division is headed by an Assistant Executive Engineer. In all there are Twenty Eight Sub-Divisions covering various areas in Bangalore. All the Twenty Six SDs and Nine divisions are under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Chief-Engineer (Maintenance), situated on the 2nd floor of Cauvery Bhvan.


6. What has to be done if BWSSB does not revert as promised above?

Water Adalats are grievance redress meetings convened once a month on a designated day at the Sub-Divisional office and chaired by the concerned Executive Engineer. There are 29 Sub-Divisional offices. Hence in a month there are 29 water Adalats. Details of Adalats will be are given in Table 21. Announcements of water adalats will also be made through the daily news papers. You can use Water Adalats to resolve disputes related to billing or any other disputes related to water supply and underground drainage, non receipt of bill, irregular meter reading etc.


7. If I am not satisfied with the decision of AE, EE or water Adalat, what should I do?

If you are not satisfied with the decision of AE, EE or Water Adalat particularly relating to billing disputes, you can lodge a written complaint with the: Chief Engineer(Maintenance), Appeals Committee, Cauvery Bhavan, Bangalore.


8. How can I make use of BWSSB Customer’s Charter?

Priced at Rs.15, BWSSB guarantees reliable and quality services to its customers. It provides detailed information on the procedures to obtain various services and redress customers’ grievance. It also lays down time limits for obtaining these services. You can avail a copy of the Charter at any of the AEE offices pertaining to the Maintenance Division.


9. Whom should I contact to seek information from BWSSB under the Karnataka Right to information Act ( KRIA)?

 - Please refer Chapter 12 for application procedure.

 - Competent Authority: Public Relations Officer ; Tel No 22945114.

 - Appellate Authority : Chief Administrative Officer; Tel No 22945102.


10. Which are some of the important telephone number in BWSSB?

 - Chairman : 22945100, 22945101

 - Chief Engineer (M) : 22945105

 - Chief Administrative Officer : 22945102

 - Public Relations Officer : 22945114

 - Call Centre : 22238888

11. How to get new water meter in place of theft one?

 -In case of new water meter to be installed in place of stolen one, the concerned consumer should lodge a complaint in the Police Station coming under respective Jurisdiction and should obtain an acknowledgment from the Police Station authorities.

 The next step to be followed is the consumer should make an application addressed to the concerned Assistant Executive Engineer mentioned in the water bill requesting him to provide new meter in place of stolen water meter along with acknowledgment given by the Police Station Authorities and up to date water bill paid receipt.

 The concerned Draftsmen working under the jurisdiction of Assistant Executive Engineer will get a report from the concerned service station Water Inspector / JE / AE. There afterwards he will give the challan for remitting amount towards the new water meter cost depending upon the type of connection. The consumer can pay the amount similar to monthly water bills.

 The consumer will be given new meter and he should engage a Plumber for fixing the water meter at his own cost under the supervision of concerned service station Water Inspector.